Grandparents Day Celebration Success

Our annual Grandparents Day celebration was filled with songs, poems and tributes to honor our grandparents. From the littlest PreK-3 and -4 students singing their hearts out, to the second and third grade musicians praising them with a strings serenade and our elder fifth grade students who interviewed their grandparents to learn more about their family history, all of the attendees enjoyed the event. The event was in two parts with the Pre-K through first grades and second through fifth grades.
The Lower School choir performed two songs “You’ve Got Heart” and “A Song for Grandparent’s Day.” Mrs. Taylor’s Pre-K3 class sang the, “Grandma/Grandpa Song.” The two Pre-K4 classes performed song, “A Song for Grandma and Grandpa,” and “Granny at the Fair.” Mrs. Sinopoli’s kindergarteners performed “March Around the Room” from their upcoming spring play. Mrs. Kusterman’s kindergarten class each read a line about Grandparents and sang a song. Mrs. Cook’s first grade class sang “Tony Chestnut,” and Mrs. Betts’ first grade class performed an acrostic poem titled, “Grandparent’s Rock.” All of the classes sang a final song together called, “Grandparents are a Gift.”
The second performance featured a strings performance of, ”Tune A Rumble,” and “Open String Blues.” Mr. Dinmore’s second grade students sang, “Waltzing with Bears.” The third grade classes of Mrs. Serena and Mrs. Schmid sang, “I’m all about My Gramps and Grandma Rap.” Ms. Finnegan’s fourth grade class read, “Sharing: A Tribute to You.” And Mr. Hand’s class performed a hand, drum and body percussion piece titled, “Listen to My Heart.” Mrs. Meder’s and Ms. Dooley’s fifth grade students had interviewed their grandparents and shared what they discovered by reading what they wrote with the theme of, “When My Grandparents Were Growing Up.” Our cheerleaders performed a cheer routine and the event conclude with all classes singing, “Thank you – A Tribute to Grandparents.”
We are blessed to have grandparents who are generous folks. They made contributions totaling more than $3,800 toward the new middle school Time to Lead campaign to purchase leaves, apples and birds to decorate the Giving Tree, inspired by the book, “The Giving Tree,” by Shel Silverstein. There was a friendly competition among the classes to win a pizza party. Two parties were awarded, one to Mrs. Taylor’s Pre-K 3 class who raised the most money and another to Mr. Hand’s fourth grade class, whose grandparents invested in the most birds.
At the conclusion of each performance, attendees enjoyed a delicious continental breakfast provided by the MVA Dining Hall staff. Thanks to those folks for supplying the tasty treats! Thank you as well to the many wonderful volunteers who gave their time and energy to ensure a lovely event.
Congratulations to the students and teachers who made all of the grandparents in the audience feel so special and loved on Grandparents Day!