Keiser University Visits MVA Campus

By Tim Crowley, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Montverde Academy has developed a relationship with Keiser University as a place for interns to gain valuable, hands-on experience. A number of years ago, KU students visited campus and made a brief presentation to the class. Last year, we provided a longer session that included hands-on work, instruction about the different technology that we use, and describing the different programming we use that is customized to the broad range of student-athletes who we train. The feedback from Keiser students was very positive and we were asked to do the program again.
The Exercise Science class recently visited campus for the second year. The goal of hosting this class here was to give them an experience that was similar to what an MVA student-athlete training program would be. Our training staff and coaches gave the class a tour of the Nest, explained how we train our teams and taught the Keiser students about strength and conditioning. We then led them through a simulated training session that we would do with our teams, and concluded with a question and answer session.
As a result of the expertise of our staff and our busy training program, we also developed an internship opportunity for Keiser students. MVA has had two interns from Keiser. Anthony was in this class last year, did his internship with MVA in the fall and is now on staff with us. This semester we have another Keiser student, Gonzalo. The interns are treated as part of our staff, based upon their experience and comfort level. Their goal is to learn and get as much hands-on experience as possible about the way we train to build their knowledge base. Throughout their internship, we increase their involvement every week to ensure they gain valuable hands-on experience.
We are happy to have hosted the class again this year as it is beneficial for Keiser and us, and look forward to continuing this partnership.