Upper School Robotics Teams Do Well in Tournament

The Robotics Teams recently competed in the VEX Robotics Competition with 44 other teams at Apopka High School. They finished the qualifying matches in fourth and 16th out of 44 teams, which is the best showing yet and the largest tournament the teams have competed in. The two teams are called 19122A – Loading… and 19122B MABF. Team 19122A is comprised of Jathin Gadiparthi, Benjamin Gunasekera, Ethan Kaufman, Jasmine Massey, Connor McClain, and Trevor Meder. Team members of 19122B are Jacob Lewin, Mateo Ortiz, James Palacios, Grant Piersall, and Kurt Schindele
The VEX Robotics Competition is structured each season with a unique game designed with its own rules and scoring that the robots and drivers must navigate. This year’s game takes about two minutes and is called Turning Point. The teams start the season by building and programming the robots and practicing for competitions. At the competitions, each team plays eight games with the number of teams in the field of competition ranging from 16 to 50. These are called qualification rounds after which each team is ranked (like being seeded), followed by alliance selections where the #1 team picks their alliance member and they go down the ranking until there are 16 alliances.
The competition then enters elimination games, which follows a typical tournament bracket. It starts with a round of 16, followed by quarter finals, semifinals and finals. Teams can win a state qualifying spot by winning the tournament. Two additional spots for States are earned by the design award - how great and put together the robot is, and the excellence award for overall performance.
Team 19122A came in fourth out of 44 and made it to the semifinals, but eventually lost to the first place winner. Following the Apopka competition, the traveled to Tallahassee and competed against 17 other teams. They finished second out of 18 in qualifications and ultimately triumphed over the rest in the elimination games to become tournament champions! The team has qualified for States, which takes place in Tampa on March 9.

Team 19122B came in 16
th by eliminating a very good and highly seeded team to make it the quarter finals, where they were eliminated.
“Congratulations to both teams on their accomplishments in the only two years of competition,” said Stephen Whitfield, Upper School teacher. “I was proud to have people come up to me afterwards to tell me how great Montverde Academy played. The teams have put in many hours of hard work to refine and perfect all aspects of their robots and we’re pleased with the success we’re achieving.”