Lower School Students Cultivate a Love of Gardening

Students in the third grade have been enjoying learning about gardening with a raised bed and outdoor garden that they have been caring for. The gardening project teaches students how to choose plants that will grow in each season and how to rotate the crops. As crops are harvested, the classes look for the next planting with students suggesting what they would like to see planted next. The third grade students assist Mrs. Whiffen, the Lower School science teacher, after school on Monday and Thursday. During the week, classes visit the gardens to watch the progress.
Last month, a donation of a truckload of rich soil from South East Soils helped the crops. Lettuce and peppers were harvested from the garden to create a delicious salad for the children. They did everything from cutting the lettuce from the garden, to washing and tossing the salad. Mrs. Whiffen also made lemonade using the rosemary and mint from the garden. The students certainly enjoyed these fresh-from-the-garden treats. The next crop will be potatoes which students will help plant.
The third grade students are also participating the Bonnie Farm Cabbage Growing Contest. This national program began last semester and is continuing as the cabbages grow. Students are comparing the cabbages they are growing at home to the ones in the garden. The varying sizes that are in the garden allow them to see that the cabbages grow at different rates. Some of the cabbages are beginning to develop the cabbage head. We are eagerly awaiting the results of our cabbage growing contest!