Lunar New Year Performances

By Varina Zhang
Chinese Lunar New Year is THE biggest celebration and festival in China. It is the festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar and is about spending time with family and sharing blessings and abundance with loved ones. Now, as more and more students started studying abroad, Lunar New Year has become a celebration that is continued simultaneously all over the world. To honor and celebrate the holiday, a group of MVA’s talented students put on a first-class performance for the community. The Chinese Club worked very hard to ensure the program was organized and professional.
I remember the first Lunar New Year Celebration I attended six years ago at MVA. I wondered at how organized and prepared the performances were. Two years ago, I was one of the hosts for the Celebration and being a part of it in a different way allowed me to see the hard work backstage. I was so happy to take part in the responsibility to hold the event this year, and seeing it happen is the best thing our Chinese Club experienced this year. As both a host and performer, I was thrilled to see how enthusiastic my peers were when preparing for this event.
Performances featured singing, dancing, playing music, and more, for a program that was diverse and integrated both contemporary and traditional Chinese elements. Students started to plan the show a year ago, which underlines the importance of the Celebration. The event showcased the talented students, and represented their nostalgic feeling for their country. According to students, it was a way to express love and support from a different land. There were performances in Spanish, Japanese, English, and more as performers aimed to embrace diversity in our Celebration and represent everyone on a multicultural stage.
"I enjoyed the Chinese New Year celebration a lot," said Mariana Valderrama Alvarez a violinist who performed. "People were very excited and welcoming toward me. All of the performances were well received. It's great to know that people from all over the world were happy and celebrating together. It makes me happy that the Chinese students celebrate their festivities, as I know what it feels to be away from home. Celebrations like this bring us all together and really help us feel a little closer to home."

"To celebrate the arrival of another lunar new year, students had been extremely passionate and dedicated to organizing the celebration show," said Ridong Lao. "The celebration was comprised of not only outstanding performances, but the cultural exchange of delicious samples of Chinese snacks and dishes. We are grateful for all the opportunities created to initiate the exchange of Chinese culture, and we wish everyone a fantastic new year."
It takes many people to organize and execute an event, and we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who gave their time and energy to make this program so successful!