MVA Students Rally to Assist a Classmate

Community is one of MVA’s founding pillars. There are many different ways that aspect shows up in activities at MVA, but one of the best ways it appears, is when it is student driven. Which is what happened recently.
Camilo Moreno Vasquez is a senior who always has a bright smile, a warm hug and a positive outlook. He is an outstanding student who also plays soccer as part of SIMA and serves as head prefect. Originally from Nicaragua, Camilo has not traveled home to see his family in more than two years. His grandmother recently passed away and due to circumstances, he did not think he would be able to go home for her service.
Upon hearing of Camilo’s loss, his classmates and friends, organized a collection to provide him with the means to make it home for his grandmother’s memorial/funeral service, as well as additional funds to help with funeral costs.
When the students presented Camilo with the gift, everyone was in tears. Camilo was so deeply moved by his classmates’ gesture; he was struck uncharacteristically speechless.
“I was completely surprised and overwhelmed by the generosity of my classmates,” said Camilo. “Being able to go home and properly say goodbye to my grandmother was so meaningful to me and my entire family. It is why Montverde Academy is truly my second home and like family to me.”
Students say that Camilo is always there to help others when they are in need, so it was natural for them to help him when he needed it.