Boys’ MS Basketball Crowned TCCL Champions

The MVA boys’ Middle School basketball team worked hard all season and brought home the TCCL Tournament Championship in a 55-45 win over St. Barnabas in Deland. They competed hard throughout the season, earning an undefeated 11-0 season.
Congratulations to the team, comprised of Dylan Aguilera, Ethan Coan, Max Colby, Aiden Fletcher, Julian Granville, Xavier Hill, Kyle Johnson, Guy Kohls, Skyler Lynn, Luca Pompeo, Shay Ramlall, and Matthew Vaughn. Many thanks to Nick Diatta, head coach and former professional basketball player.
“I’m very proud of how the team worked hard all season,” said Coach Diatta. “This last game against St. Barnabas was a very physical game and I’m proud of how the team handled themselves. Overall the team improved their ball handling, passing and teamwork to really come together in the tournament. We enjoyed a great season of basketball and I congratulate them on their accomplishments.”
Congratulations to the team!