Eagles Enjoy Big Win at MAIT

Eagles enjoyed solid wins over nationally ranked teams to keep the MAIT Eagle trophy for another year as MAIT concluded on Saturday night. On Thursday, our Eagles varsity basketball team defeated Westminster Academy 80-56 (Fort Lauderdale) and on Friday rolled over Vashon High School (St.Louis, Missouri) 70-42. 
In their first game, MVA started the quarter with a 13-point lead that was ignited by Harlond Beverly's accuracy from the three-point line and big-time dunks from senior Precious Achiuwa. MVA controlled the tempo for most of the game and never lost the scoring lead. They dominated both ends of the floor in offense and defense. Achiuwa led with 22 points, Beverly ended the game with 17 points and Cade Cunningham scored 10.
In game two, the Eagles took on Vashon High School who was ranked in the top ten in the state of Missouri. Achuiwa scored 14 points and exploded in the third quarter with seven more points, Beverly added 12 and Balsa Korpivica controlled the paint to add 12 points from down low. When the clock ran out, the Eagles were on their way to the MAIT Championship game.
Saturday’s sold out crowd cheered on our Eagles as they took on Rancho Christian, No.16 nationally ranked, who enjoyed their upset beating No. 5 ranked Wasatch Academy (Mt. Pleasant, Utah) on Friday. Precious Achiuwa and Cade Cunningham combined for 25 first-half points in the final game, providing serious momentum into the second half. The Eagles' defense was outstanding holding Rancho Christian to a low field goal percentage. Montverde Academy would go on to win 79-56 earning their 11th MAIT title overall and seventh in the past eight years.
Students and faculty enjoyed a fun Spirit Week of themed dress days and fun activities from Tug-of-War to dodgeball, topped off with a the first-ever Homecoming for Upper School students.
Thank you to everyone who participated in Spirit Week and MAIT. There are many sponsor and volunteers who are vital to the success of the tournament and we thank them for their support!