Roger R. Ross Montverde Academic Tournament

Seventeen years ago Mr. Roger Ross, the former Dean of the Upper School, hosted the very first Montverde Academic Tournament and a tradition was born. After his untimely passing in 2014, the tournament was renamed the Roger R. Ross Montverde Academic Tournament, affectionately known as the RMAT.
We recently hosted the 17th annual RMAT, inviting teams from Vanguard High School, Columbia High School, Tavares High School, and East Ridge High School. There were 10 teams and 45 students competing in 40 minute matches. Each match had three rounds per match with 10-12 questions per round to earn points. It was an exciting competition for everyone!
The result was an exciting third place win for Montverde Academy A Team. The A Team was comprised of Christopher Bode, Matthew Karen, Jacob Lewin, and Samanvitha Nomula. Senior Christopher Bode was the second highest individual scorer! Our B Team also competed well included AJ Aziz, Addie Gherkin, Kendall Lewin, and Matt Parks.
It was a terrific send-off to the start of our Hi-Q district competition! Thank you to the MVA teachers and administrators who volunteered their time to put together a fun and successful tournament.