Orchestra Highlights at the Fall Concert

The evening featured performances by the talented musicians in our Music Conservatory. The Advanced String Ensemble performed a six piece work by Jean-Baptiste Lully, arranged by James Brown, which was “Gavotte,” “Air,” “Sarabande,” “Hornpipe,” “Menuet,” and “Cibel,” with accompaniment by Mary Mincy. Lully was an Italian-born French composer, instrumentalist, and dancer who spent most of his life working in the court of Louis XIV of France. Considered a master of the French baroque style, the ensemble brought Lully's music, known for its power, liveliness and deep emotional character to life magestically.
Our Combined Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner String Ensembles performed a poignant and distinctively Irish-flavored fantasia in a cantabile style titled, “Fantasia on an Original Theme,” that featured Joseph Phillips with a viola solo, with accompaniment by Tavares Connelly-Candelario and Frank Guo. They also performed, “Andante in e minor, by Elizabeth von Herzogenberg, arranged by Art Sheinberg and “Toccatina” by William Hofeldt.
The Advanced String Ensemble beautifully performed, “Crystal Forest,” by Stephen Chin, which is a short tone poem depicting the beauty and magic of a forest scene early in the morning. They also performed an arrangement of Romanian Folk Dances by Béla Bartók and arranged by Deborah Baker Monday, which were; “Joc Cu Bâta” (Dance with Sticks), “Buciumeana” (Horn Dance), “Poarca Românesca” (Romanian Polka), and “Maruntel” (Fast Dance). This arrangement features four of the six dance movements originally composed by Bartók. Arranger Deborah Baker Monday selected Joc Cu Bâta, Buciumeana, Poarga Românesca and Maruntel for their accessibility to high school orchestras. The folk songs Bartók used for his suite come from areas of Transylvania, a region in central Romania. It was originally written for solo piano, and later orchestrated.
Frank Guo performed Brahms “Rhapsody in G Minor, Op. 79, No. 2,” which is the piece he chose to perform in competition at Carnegie Hall. In this work, the genius of Brahms creates a totally new musical meaning for this form which had been used earlier by Franz Liszt, using dramatic harmonic changes, textures and color to create a passionate experience for the listener. Frank delivered an outstanding performance, playing with great emotion and maturity that enthralled the audience!
There were many more wonderful performances by our talented students. It was a lovely evening of music that everyone enjoyed. Congratulations to all of our talented musicians!