Middle School Robotics Begins Competing

Five MVA MS Robotics League teams competed over the weekend at East Ridge Middle School. All five teams did well and made themselves, their teams and our school very proud. We ended up with our first state ticket win and MVA teams shared first, second, and third place in finals.
Our teams took first, second, and third in finals! Team R.O.A.D. (Rovu, Oliver, Alejandro, and Duncan) won first place in the Teamwork Challenge after being ranked in the top three for most of the competition. Team Circuit Breakers (Megan, Sarah and Kaitlin) won the Amaze Award for being at nearly top ranked in every category and ending up with a final ranking of second. Team ZuperSmashers (all sixth grade students) qualified for finals and ended up being ranked third.
Team Dark Knights, a new team of students in seventh and eighth grades, worked hard but missed qualifying by less than a point. Team Sassy Dragons, all new sixth grade students, would have claimed the award for grace under pressure if one existed. After an accidental catastrophic Rapid Unplanned Disassembly (RUD) occurred – their robot fell off of the table just before a match – the girls stayed calm, tried to fix the damage, and when it couldn’t be fixed in time they adapted, they found a way to compete the rest of the day using only half of their robot. They had fantastic attitudes and I expect big things to happen for them at future competitions.
Congratulations to all of the teams. They all did so well, we expect another great year of robotics competition!