Mark Brown, Emmy-nominated presenter, Challenges MVA Students to “Be Like Belle”

Montverde Academy was pleased to welcome Mark Brown, Emmy-nominated presenter and Jamaica native, to campus during our Diversity Fest activities. Mark is a seasoned professional who has traveled the world presenting at conferences, schools, conventions, symposiums, and corporate meetings, challenging his audiences to think differently.
The Lower School students enjoyed Mr. Brown’s engaging speech as he interacted with students throughout his talk. Students were challenged to “Be like Belle,” and see the good in everyone. He also encouraged students to remember that words have power and they should be used thoughtfully. At the end of the presentation, a young student named Lily whispered to Mr. Brown, “You were so good. I am going to be Belle for Halloween.”
For the Middle and Upper School students, Mr. Brown shared his message of tolerance and acceptance by telling more of his personal story which included his personal experience with being bullied in his preteen years. Decades later he can still remember how those words and actions affected him, and no matter how long ago it was, it still resides in his memory with distinct clarity. The combination of humor and honesty visibly struck a chord with his audience. He closed with a very powerful moment by asking students who knew someone who had been bullied to stand – which resulted in an overwhelming number of students on their feet. He challenged MVA students to use their words to build each other up rather than tearing a person down.
Following the presentations, Mr. Brown enjoyed lunch with the Headmaster’s Leadership Institute and had a very moving discussion, which ultimately led the student leaders to consider how they could combat bullying. Several students approached Mr. Brown as he was departing to thank him for his inspiring words of wisdom.
We thank Mark Brown for sharing his compelling message with our students.