Ad campaign featuring Lower School will debut Oct 12

Our Lower School Open House is coming up on November 3, and to support that event, there will be ads running in local movie theaters. The ads feature Lower School students in the foreground and a multitude of students and faculty in the background!
The MVA Media Arts department captured wonderful footage of our students around campus and in classrooms. This footage will be used in this ad and future projects to promote Montverde Academy.
We also filmed Middle and Upper School students to prepare an ad for their Open House, scheduled for December 8. Those ads will follow the Lower School ads in theaters.
Thank you to everyone who made this process go so smoothly. Teachers and students went about business as usual, even though there was a camera and crew in the room. We also thank the students who smiled and acted on cue, we appreciate your help! It's always fun to film our campus and have such active participation from students.
Be on the lookout for your MVA friends and teachers at the movies!