Help Get Your Child Organized

Mrs. Maureen Kesselring, Director of Learning Support Services, hosted the first of two sessions for parents to provide them with tips and strategies to help them get their child organized for school and life. Her presentation, based on the book, “The Organized Child: An Effective Program to Maximize Your Kid's Potential--in School and in Life,” by Elana G. Spira, Jennifer L. Rosenblatt and Richard Gallagher, outlined steps and provided actions that parents can take to help their child become more organized.
Highlights of this first session include:
  • Telling and Doing – taking a task, breaking into steps and demonstrating each step
  • Setting Ground Rules – having written rules displayed that are clear to achieve goals
One major area Mrs. Kesselring covered is the topic of homework. There are many pieces to the process that a parent can define and demonstrate for their student to help them begin doing this on their own. By creating rules and structure, parents can begin to remove themselves from this process, making students more actively engaged and responsible for homework.
Mrs. Kesselring outlined some things to consider about homework and discussed how parents can develop an action plan for students to easily follow. Her recommendations include:
  • Create a rule for when and where homework is donr -- Homework is done at the kitchen table before dinner, or right after school in their bedroom
  • Define what else can be done during homework time -- Can they listen to music? Are they allowed to text?
  • Clarify what actions can be done if they have a question -- Can they contact a friend for help? Should they ask for help or move on to the next question and save all questions for the end?
  • Create a plan for when homework is finished -- Should completed homework be put in a back pack? Does a parent need to review or  confirm that the work has been submitted online?
By thinking these processes through and developing a plan, parents can have an impact on how well a student learns to be self-sufficient and organized when it comes to homework. It creates a great foundation to build on throughout Lower, Middle and Upper School, ultimately preparing them for being on their own in college and a future career.
The second part of the series will be hosted on Friday, September 28 at 8:00 a.m. in the Sandra O. Stephens Fine Arts Auditorium. The book can be purchased on Amazon here.