Student Musicians Selected to Perform at Carnegie Hall in November

Montverde Academy is proud to announce that three students who participated in the Florida Keys International Competition for Young Talent were selected to perform as part of the Winner’s Circle Gala Concert at Carnegie Hall in November.
Yilin "Selina" Xu, a junior and sophomores Yanbo "Frank" Guo and Mariana Valderrama Alvarez were selected based on their video submissions in the Audition Round. The students will perform on November 17, 2018 as part of the Winner’s Circle Gala Concert at Carnegie Hall. As part of the competition, Selina, Frank and Mariana will also have the opportunity to attend seminars and a master class as part of the event.
Selina has been playing the cello since she was 11. She has chosen to perform a “Francouer Sonata in E Major for cello and piano,” for the complexity which will challenge her both technically and in emotional expression. “Personally, each time I step onto the stage, I feel really thankful to express my passion for music to people around the world,” said Selina.
Frank, who has been playing the piano since he was six, will perform “Brahms Rhapsody in G minor, Op. 79, No. 2.” He said, “I’m extremely honored and excited that I have earned (sic) the opportunity to perform in Carnegie Hall, at the same time, I feel a great amount of pressure to perform on this grand stage.  I want to bring inspiration to people around me with my music.”
Mariana will perform “Concerto in C major, Op. 48 for violin and piano,” by Dmitri Kabalevsky. She has been playing the violin since she was ten and said, “There are many things that have brought me to this point, but one that got me where I am is perseverance. If you have a dream, you have to pursue it. There may be people who will try to stop you, but if you keep on going and never give up, you will always achieve your dreams.”
“We are enormously proud of our students, as we know and see how hard they have worked to earn this opportunity,” said Dean Bell, Director of Arts, Montverde Academy. “Our Music Conservatory program is designed to give students, who are committed to pursuing their passion, customized programs that encourage and assist their continued growth. Mr. Hanrich Claassen, Mrs. Mary Mincy and Dr. Jeannine Mongeon do an outstanding job of instructing our Music Conservatory students. Selina, Frank and Mariana are perfect examples of the success that can be achieved.”
Congratulations to Selina, Frank and Mariana!