MVA Gets New Synthetic Turf Field

Written by students Alexandre Liu, senior, and Anderson Rosa, junior
Montverde Academy adopts a new fashion – the synthetic turf. James Kach, certified general contractor from the Sports Court, has led the installation of a brand new soccer field made of synthetic grass and four 500psi sprinklers. The field is a change that brings both modernity and convenience to the MVA SIMA teams who are utilizing the new field.
MVA already has several natural fields, but wanted a field that players can use as many times per day as they want. A natural field should not be used more than two or three times a week because the grass needs time to grow back. On synthetic turf, players can play 12 games in a day and it won’t affect the playing surface at all. For a practice field, synthetic turf is a much better option than natural grass.
The field is composed of fibulated blades. Each blade acts as a ‘catch net,’ essentially holding the entire field together and keeping it stable. On top of the grass, two inches of infield will be installed. The two inches of infield is actually a mix of coconut and cork. The blades hold and prevent it from moving too much. This provides a more stable surface for the players’ cleats. It is very safe as well as good for the environment. Underneath the turf is a foundation of 1,800 tons of 89p rock, which helps drain water quickly.
The field is already in use, helping MVA players reach their best potential in pursuit of another national championship.