Back to School Preparations

MVA staff and faculty are busy getting everything in order for the first day of school on Tuesday, August 21. We were excited to have alumnus Christopher Egi , a 2014 graduate, former Eagle varsity basketball player and recent Harvard University graduate, kick off our meeting by sharing his perspective on diversity.
Chris arrived at Montverde Academy as a 16-year-old upper school student from Canada who was focused on getting through high school quickly so that he could move on to college. He described his experience at MVA as a crash course in a global perspective, which he gained through the friendships he developed with students from around the world.
One of his best friends was a student from Nigeria who led Chris to connect and develop a deep appreciation for his Nigerian heritage. Chris described the diversity he experienced at MVA as leaving a memorable mark on him that helped shape the man he has become. Through his experience here, he realized the “global truth is that we are all part of humanity, no matter the race, religion, or tone of your skin color.”
Upon graduating from MVA, Chris studied economics and graduated from Harvard University this past May. An engaging speaker, he also earned a coveted opportunity as one of three students chosen to speak at Commencement Day, winning the spot from more than 100 students vying for the chance. He is now pursuing a career with Goldman Sachs in New York City.
We thank Chris for sharing his story and inspiring staff as we embark on the 2018-19 school year.