Christopher Egi ('14) - Combined Academics and Athletics at Harvard

If you only had two words to choose, brains and basketball are the two that quickly come to mind when describing Christopher Egi, Montverde Academy 2014 graduate and former member of the Eagles varsity basketball team. He recently graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in economics. An engaging speaker, he also earned a coveted opportunity as one of three students chosen to speak at Commencement Day, winning the spot from more than 100 students vying for the chance.
While at Montverde Academy, he was part of the Eagles basketball team that won the National Championship and featured D’Angello Russell (’14), now playing for the Brooklyn Nets, Ben Simmons (’15) Philadelphia 76ers, and Dakari Johnson (’13) Oklahoma City. At Harvard, he played for four years and in his senior year, was unanimously chosen by teammates to the be captain of the team. Chris’s leadership of the team this year was key in Harvard winning their second Ivy League title.
In Michael Grange’s article “Chris Egi makes statement as he walks away from basketball,” on Sportsnet, Grange spoke with and quoted Chris’s fellow teammate who said:
“We decided he was the person we wanted to be the face of our team and the best person to lead us just because of the attributes he has as a person and the presence he has on the team, regardless of whether he’s playing or not,” said fellow Canadian Corey Johnson of Ottawa, who played three seasons with Egi and will follow in his footsteps as a captain at Harvard in 2018-19. “He always had an amazing presence at practice he always expected the best of everybody and himself, more than anything. It was honestly a unanimous decision by the team that we wanted Chris to be our captain.”
While Chris’s dream to become an NBA star has come to a close, he has consciously shifted gears and is embarking on a promising career as an investment analyst at Goldman Sachs where he will begin working this summer.
Two words are not enough to accurately describe Chris. He is compassionate, hard-working, thoughtful, smart, and unselfish and he continues to prove himself to be a powerful leader who is connected to his roots and values family. We congratulate Chris who models MVA’s pillars of Knowledge, Community and Character. We look forward to celebrating the many more successes that he will accomplish.