Hans Hanley (’14), Earns Major Awards at the 2018 Princeton Engineering Class Day

Congratulations to Hans Hanley, valedictorian of Montverde Academy’s Class of 2014, as he graduates from Princeton with his degree in electrical engineering with a concentration in information security and a minor in the applications of computing and robotics and intelligent systems. At Princeton’s Engineering Class Day, he was awarded the James Hayes-Edgar Palmer Prize in Engineering and the Charles Ira Young Memorial Tablet and Medal. He also received the Shapiro Prize for Academic Excellence, the George B. Woods Legacy Sophomore Prize, and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and Tau Beta Pi.
Princeton reports that Hans’ senior thesis with Prateek Mittal, an assistant professor of electrical engineering, demonstrated a method to improve security in Tor, a web browser designed to protect users’ anonymity. The work, according to Mittal is, “a seminal breakthrough in the field of anonymous communication.”
While at Princeton, Hans led the student chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers and served as a tutor and teaching assistant in the McGraw Center and the electrical engineering department. Earlier this year, he was named a finalist for the 2018 Hertz Fellowship in applied science, math and engineering. The prestigious Fellowship awards up to five years of academic fiscal support, valued at $250,000, and provides research freedom at a participating graduate institution in the United States.
Before heading to Worcester College in Oxford, England, as the recipient of the Daniel M. Sachs ’60 Scholarship, he is spending the summer working for Microsoft. He will then pursue graduate study at Stanford University in Stanford, California, with a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.
Hans’ parents believe that the four years of high school at MVA were highly beneficial.  “Our son enjoyed working with computers, but it was a computer club at Montverde Academy that truly ignited his passion for computers, improved his math skills and helped to hone his critical thinking capabilities that have propelled him to achieve all that he has,” said Dr. Alison Hanley, Hans’ father. “We were thrilled when he chose Princeton. As parents, of course we hoped he would do well, knowing he would be among some of the best and brightest students in the world. He has surpassed all that we could have wished for him and we credit the education he received at MVA as a critical key he used to unlock his potential and turn a hobby into a tremendously enriching and fulfilling aspect of his life and career. At Montverde Academy, he went from good to great. We feel blessed and privileged to have had our son educated there.”
In his commencement speech in 2014, Hans said, “I want to live my life and come to the end of it knowing that I fulfilled my potential, that I did something that mattered, that I changed someone else’s life, that I did not waste the gifts that God gave me on myself.” Given the list of accomplishments he’s achieved; he is doing just that.
The entire Montverde Academy community is very proud of this brilliant young man as he continues his pursuit of excellence.