Lower School Awards Program Recognizes Students

As our year draws to an end, lower school students were honored for their excellence in academics and citizenship at the Lower School Awards Program. There were an impressive number of students who earned a Citizenship Award recognition. Many students also earned the honor of a position on the A Honor Roll and the A/B Honor Roll. Congratulations students!
Gabrielle Gordon, 5th grade student won the Sons of the American Revolution Award, which recognizes outstanding citizenship. Nuh Cheema, 5th grade student, and Tatiana Hinds, 4th grade students, were chosen to receive the Dean’s Award. The Dean’s Award recognizes a student’s excellence in embodying Montverde Academy’s three pillars of knowledge, character and community.
The kindergarten class performed an original song set to the song, “Summer Nights” from the movie “Grease.” The sunglasses and fifties outfits complemented the song as they all performed with enthusiasm! Our fifth grade students closed out the program with a heartfelt rendition of “Seize the Day,” from the musical “Newsies.”    
Congratulations to our rising 5th grade students: Alessandro Becce, Estelle Bobilin, Darrell Brooks, Andreas Cavacas, Nuh Cheema, Lucas Coan, Ella Cooper, Parker Cosgrove, Amy Crane, Ashlyn Cunningham, Evangeline DeClercq, Christopher Dinmore, Mason Eldridge, Elizabeth Eubank, Francesca Facusse, Vaasu Gadiparthi, Renessa Ghosh, Gabrielle Gordon, Hannah Hermanson, Tristan Hilliard, John JeBailey, Jr., Jake Josephs, Eric Jurski, Kristy Khadka, Danielle McNiel, Gernitha Meus, Laura De Nobrega Dos Santos, Sofia Negron, Tyler Newsome, Andres Ordonez, Isaac Ortiz, Kaiden Palacios, Anthony Palanti, Corbin Pierce, Sophie Piersall. Grace Rydell, Ty Stone, Dimitri Tentomas, Valeria Vega, Pierce Vitito, Trey West, Cadence Whitehouse, and Lauren Yarkosky
Congratulations to our kindergarten students who graduated into the 1st grade: Kendah Al-Suleiman, Joseph Bobilin, Stone Chen, Tripp Cosgrove, Don Diego DeCampo, Daniel DeLuca-Gates, Alyssa Gil, Kairos Guadalupe, Riley Hilliard, Ziliana Hinds, Antonio Jackson, Blake Josephs, Alexander Hooper, Evan Langfeld, Kendall Nailos, Lukas Parets, Haiden Paul, Javier Pena, Liam Perez, Noah Perez, Arjun Persaud, Nathan Piotrowski, Nina Potempa, Willow Ramski, Cameron Reynolds, Lily Saint Amand, Alafair Scelfo, Alon Scelfo, Jasmine Shoffner, Leah Terry, Kate Turnbull, Oghenerume Utuama, Abhiraj Varma, Evan Vogel, Abieyuwa Yisa-Salami, and Ashlyn Zambito.