MVA Powerlifting Team Wins 2018 APF National Title

Emilio Giler
The Montverde Academy Powerlifting Team completed their incredible season by adding yet another competition win to their resume. On Saturday, May 5, 2018, Heach Coach Eric Pauli took only eight students to the APF Unequipped Nationals Team Championships, and brought back eight gold medals to Montverde Academy. The team also won the 2018 APF Unequipped Team National Championship with all top finishes in their respective lifts.

Each MVA student-athlete, in addition to their gold medal, received an invitation to the WPC World Powerlifting Championships to be held in Lake Buena Vista, Florida in November of 2018.

Colby Helms (7th grade), 1st place, 114 lb. class, T12-15, unequipped
Julian Kong ( 11th grade), 1st place, 123 lb. class, T16-17, unequipped
Tyler Morgan (10th grade), 1st place, 132 lb. class, T16-17, unequipped
Orchard Muntu (11TH grade), 1ST place, 148 lb. class, T12-15, unequipped
Ava Eisele (10th grade), 1st place, 148 lb class, T12-15, unequipped
Pengye Yang, (11th grade), 1st place, 165 lb. class, T18-19, unequipped
Yodai Katsumata, (10th grade), 1st place, 181 lb. class, T16-17, unequipped
Joao Friere, (11th grade), 1st place, 220 lb. class, T16-17, unequipped
"Our goals for this year were to win both WABDL Bench Press & Deadlift Worlds and APF Unequipped Powerlifting Nationals and win as many individual championships as possible," said Coach Pauli. "I am proud to say we have accomplished our goals, especially in earning invitations to the WPC World Powerlifting Championships later this year, and I couldn't be more proud of this team."

Ava Eisele made school history for the powerlifting team by being the only female lifter to ever compete and win a gold medal in powerlifting.

There were a few outstanding senior athletes that Pauli did not take to nationals in order for the students to prepare and perform well on their Advanced Placement Exams coming up.

"The most important thing to understand about the powerlifting program; it is comprised of student-athletes.  Not athlete-students. Academics always comes first," said Pauli.

Although the powerlifting team were short a few student-athletes, they still managed to bring home the trophy against competitors of all ages. This included students in their teens to the ages of an adult. With talented, upcoming freshman, sophomore, juniors, and seniors, the future is still bright for the powerlifting program at Montverde Academy.