A Midsummer Night’s Dream was dreamy!

Shakespeare under the stars in the outdoors was a perfect setting for our students to perform “A Midsummer Night’s Dream!” The three performances captivated the sold-out audiences. This performance was staged around the fountain in Centennial Courtyard with chairs in the round, right in the action taking place. Each night, the weather was perfect and the setting ideal for our cast of characters to perform one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays.
The action was quick and witty as the characters prepare for the wedding of Theseus to Hippolyta, lovers fall in and out of love with the help of forest fairies and a play to honor the wedding is being planned. The fairies flitted all over the stage for the play’s entirety, playfully interacting, running around, hanging from trees, and darting between the stages. Aidan Fracker was playful Puck, Hanna Swidler was a standout as Hermia and Aiden Bjortvedt was memorable as Bottom. Maya Mills floated effortlessly with the aerial work as a fairy. The entire cast did a wonderful job adeptly navigating the challenging language of Shakespeare!
As with every production, there are those behind the scenes such as Ms. Emerson, director; Molly Smith, assistant director; and Kathy Wiebe-LaPlante, technical director, who are critical to a successful production. Thank you to those behind the scenes coordinating the music, sets, costumes, makeup, props, choreography, and more.
Congratulations on another successful production!