Disney's The Little Mermaid a Hit

MVA Students Bring Disney's The Little Mermaid to Life
As the lights come up, the audience is transported to a faraway place and under the sea to meet the characters of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, brought to life by the students in MVA’s Fine Arts program. Aubrey Williams and Anthony Morehead were delightfully smitten with each other as the star-crossed couple of Ariel and Prince Eric. Students passionately performed the beloved tunes of “Part of Your World,” “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” “Kiss the Girl,” “Her Voice,” and of course, “Under the Sea,” to captivate the audience. Our supporting cast of characters, Mathewson Park/King Triton, Gabriel Semenitari/Sebastian, Peytann Tamasi/Ursula, Lexy Cazenave/Flounder, and Aidan Fracker/Scuttle, sang and danced their hearts out to further enchant and mesmerize our guests.
A production such as this doesn’t happen without support from many people behind the scenes. The creative team is key to many aspects of the production from the director, music director, and choreographer to the set and lighting designers, makeup design, marketing masters, and more who all ensure the look and feel of the performance will transport the audience to the scene of the action. The technical crew is also critical to a production; from making characters float, puppets come to life and sets transform, to ensuring the costumes are immaculate and the tone and tempo of a scene are set with music, and so much more. All of the people involved in a show the size and scope of this must work together seamlessly for a successful production. We are proud to say that we have achieved that with this production.
Performances of Disney’s The Little Mermaid run through Sunday, February 25, 2018. We hope to see you at the show!