HLI to highlight diversity through “I Am” project

Skyler Rosin '18
After extensive planning, discussion, and coordination, the Headmaster Leadership Institute has formulated a plan for an internal project that will be our focal point for this year. We have titled this ambitious endeavor the "I Am” project.

The overarching theme is diversity. We chose this theme in order to exhibit and embrace the stunning array of students here at the Academy. The project will showcase our students in a light that may not be known to others. This would give our school community the opportunity to realize the unique amalgamation of students we have. 80+ countries, dozens of languages, and thousands of interests are hard to convey to everyone, but we feel that this project will bring the school community closer. The "I Am" stems from a popular hashtag trend on social media where people share something about themselves that they are proud of or that others may not know.

The Institute plans to ask students to choose a word that describes a hobby, characteristic, or interest that wouldn't be evident just by looking at them. These students would then have their picture taken, and from there the photo would be edited and designed to fit on a poster, with "#IAm_____" at the bottom. The blank space would be filled in by the student with their word(s) of choice that describes their uniqueness. The end goal would be to create a large number of these to display in poster form and online throughout the school and eventually in a school-wide art exhibition. 

All of us at the Headmaster Leadership Institute can’t wait to get started and showcase our one-of-a-kind, amazing students. #IAM…excited!