Math in Focus, the Singapore Method

Our math curriculum is Math in Focus, the Singapore Method. The Singapore method focuses on mastery of specific concepts at a very deep level.
Students do not just learn equations or algorithms to reach an answer, they learn how the equations works. Another focus is in the building of the skills, like building the layers and foundation of a house. Each skill, taught to mastery, is then ready for another “brick” or concept to be added. The scope and sequence in Math in Focus is advanced with a major focus on preparing students for success in algebra and beyond. Consequently, algebraic thinking and expressions are introduced early and used frequently throughout the curriculum. The curriculum progresses through a specific and developmentally appropriate sequence from concrete, to pictorial, to abstract. Word problems, practical application problems and critical thinking activities included in the curriculum frequently draw on a wide range of mathematical knowledge. The goal of Math in Focus is to teach concepts so thoroughly that frequent review is unnecessary. The Math in Focus curriculum truly challenges students to think much more deeply about mathematics.