Middle School


We focus on developing Middle School students' organizational skills and study habits to prepare them for academic achievement and future success. Students experience a variety of activities and participate in curriculum-related field trips that enhance the learning experience, foster independence, instill responsibility, and increase self-control.

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  • Seventh- & Eighth-Grade Years

    During the seventh and eighth grade years, each student is offered a wide range of learning opportunities.
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  • Sixth-Grade Year

    During the sixth-grade year, much emphasis is placed on the student’s need to develop a good academic background in the areas of language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science.
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  • Language Arts

    The comprehensive nature of the McDougal Littell Language Arts Program provides instruction in reading, grammar-syntax, vocabulary-spelling, and writing within the English objectives.
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  • Mathematics

    Our Middle School mathematics curriculum consists of courses in Math 6, Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra I (Honors), Geometry, and Geometry (Honors).
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  • Science

    Our science curriculum in the Middle School is both exciting and hands-on. The sixth grade course is a laboratory-based inquiry course in which students spend a considerable portion of their class time doing experiments to investigate first hand how nature behaves.
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  • Social Studies

    The 6th grade social studies course covers early history, ancient world, and geography of the Eastern hemisphere. Students will learn about the beginnings of civilization, the development of human history and migration, and evolution of civilizations and technology.
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  • Geography

    Our geography curriculum examines the Earth’s physical, cultural, historical, and political geography.
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