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Welcome to Middle School

We are very excited that you are considering choosing to be part of our Montverde Academy Middle School community. We are comprised of students, faculty members, staff members, an administrator, a counselor, parents, and extended families. We are more than just an academic institution; we are family.

The Middle School division lives the mission statement of our school community on a daily basis. We have a challenging college preparatory curriculum that prepares our students for the next level in their academic career. We offer enrichments to students to broaden their educational foundation as well as extra-curricular activities. Our athletic programs give students the opportunity to participate at the Middle School, the junior varsity, and the varsity levels in a variety of different sports. We also partner with many different service organizations so that students can be involved in helping their community through projects that interest them.The Middle School division instills a passion for learning and allows students to become leaders. It encourages students to participate in various programs as well as nurtures character development in a very disciplined and diverse community. Montverde Academy's three mission pillars of knowledge, character, and community are woven into our plans for all sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students.

In order that our students receive the best academic and citizenship foundation as possible, we work to give them the best education in each pillar. In the area of the "knowledge" pillar, the Middle School division has their students engaged in a rigorous academic curriculum; instructional decisions are based on research, best practices, and the individual needs of students. In the area of the "character" pillar, the Middle School division teaches character development to promote responsible and respectful citizens; value is placed on integrity, honesty, and respect, and students are held accountable for their actions in a learning type of environment. In the area of "community," various activities prepare students to become responsible citizens who will eventually impact a global community, all of the students are valued for their uniqueness in a caring and respectful environment, and life skills are taught to produce independent life-long learners.

With over a century of serving the needs of the students, and steeped in history and tradition, Montverde Academy has and does prepare students for the next level of their educational careers and beyond. The Montverde Industrial School's motto of serving the head, the heart, and the hand of each student still exists at the Academy. Although the academic component of what we do at the Middle School division is extremely important, it is not the only area of the students’ development which is emphasized. Like the other two divisions here at Montverde Academy, our focus is on developing the complete child.

We appreciate your interest in Montverde Academy. If you would like to learn more about who we are and what we do, please feel free to contact the Admissions Department or contact us here at the Middle School division. We are always happy to communicate with present and potential families who believe in what we are doing.

Yours in Education,

Paul Quick

Dean of the Middle School

Middle School Administration

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