Message from the Headmaster

The youngest of four raised in a military family in the rural countryside of western Maryland, our small country farm home was nestled near the historic battlefields of the civil war. Near to us was a very old Episcopal boarding school with stately brick buildings lined with austere Georgian columns and very tall poplar trees with gorgeous far-reaching umbrellas. It was there that a transformational education experience would take place.

As a child of a military father and a rural postal carrier mother, I could not foresee the enormity of opportunities that would lay ahead at an independent school. Through the sacrifice of my parents and the benevolent support of the school, I had the gift of attending the school and receiving a remarkable and sustaining education experience that would pave the way for a successful journey on to college and later to a bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree in education. More importantly, the experiences I had in an independent school would provide for a life-long desire to provide the same transformational opportunities to future students.

In 1999, I was honored to have the opportunity to lead Montverde Academy as Head of School and the remarkable journey we have taken since then has led to the founding of our Lower and Middle School programs, an increase in enrollment from 103 to 1,250, a $45 million dollar reinvestment into campus facilities and programs, a demanding and challenging academic curriculum including over 30 Advanced Placement courses, stellar SAT/ACT scores complemented by a 100% college matriculation rate to some of the nation’s most competitive colleges and universities, an award-winning fine arts program which includes a dedicated conservatory program, five different (SAC) study area concentration diploma programs and state and nationally recognized athletic programs.

The experience created at Montverde Academy is rooted in three simple yet complex ideals: Knowledge, Character, and Community. The culture created at Montverde Academy is established with one primary objective—to achieve success in all that we do. In order to achieve that success our students will ultimately encounter moments of adversity, perhaps even failure, but this, too, is a part of the journey to achieving success. Being willing to take on challenges, developing the skills to meet those challenges and achieving success is founded in the rudimentary expectation that in each of our students we will develop a work ethic complemented by character qualities that acknowledge diversity, mutual respect and tolerance and a commitment to the greater community around them.

Montverde Academy is a family of learners, students, and faculty, working together to accomplish something truly transformational. Our website is but a snapshot of who we are; I encourage you to make a visit to the campus and see, feel and experience the truly special place that is Montverde Academy!

Dr. Kasey C. Kesselring
Montverde Academy

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